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Benefits to using an Independant Agent Jan 26, 2016
When you use an independant insurance agent, commonly referred to as a broker, you benefit in many ways. They are knowledgeable in coverage and available options. They are also able to check with multiple carriers so that they can offer you competitive rates. Contact us for your insurance needs in Missouri and Illinois.  
Help Avoid Frozen Pipes Jan 11, 2016
Helpful hints to avoid frozen pipes-
*Watch your water pressure this time of year because the first sign of a frozen pipe is reduced water flow.
*Let cold water trickle from your faucets during the evening when the temperature is the coldest. This helps prevent freezing, as moving water should not freeze.
*Disconnect garden hoses and drain your outdoor pipes to prevent damage during the winter. During cold periods, if a garden hose is left connected, ice can form and pressure can build up in the water lines inside your home. Once this occurs, a water line leak or break could occur, and cause extensive damage to your home.
Tickets and Accidents Oct 27, 2015
No one ever plans to have an accident or get a ticket, but it happens. Some carriers are more competitive with driving activity. That is why it is good to use an independant agent that has many companies and many options to find you a competitive rate. We even have a company that has an accident/violation forgiveness program for certain drivers.
Chimney Fire Prevention Oct 20, 2015
* Insure the system has been properly installed- If in doubt have it checked
*Operate the appliance within the temperature limitations suggested by the manufacturer
*Clean and inspect the system at least yearly using a qualified professional
*Burn seasoned hard wood

Smoke Detectors Sep 29, 2015

Make sure that you check your smoke detectors on a regular basis. It could save your family's life. It is recommended to change the batteries when daylight savings time occurs as this is an easy way to remember. The cost of batteries is a small price to pay to help keep safe.
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